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Kim Sunggyu - Solo

31 December 12

After 2011, the year 2012 was a busy yet successful year for Woollim Entertainment. Fans of the company anticipated and expected many things from the Woollim and yet, the company never cease to amaze them.  From spontaneous comebacks to world wide recognition, Woollim and its artists and actors received positive reviews from fans all over the world in 2012 with a handful of memorable events.

In the beginning of 2012, INFINITE started out the successful year by taking home the Bonsang and Hallyu Icon Award from the 26th Golden Disk Awards. Also, in the month of January, Baby Soul and Yoo Jia, notable trainees of Infinite (Baby Soul singing in Infinite H’s ‘Crying’ and Yoo Jia starring in ‘Be Mine’ MV), released a song called ‘She’s a Flirt’ which ranked high on various charts such as Cywolrd, Melon, and BUGS. INFINITE’s L landed a role in TvN’s drama: ‘Shut Up! Flower Boy Band’ which gained positive reviews. Not to mention, Sunggyu and Woohyun debuted as musical actors in Gwanghwamun Sonata. The first two months were hectic months for INFINITE as they prepared for their first solo concert in Korea: 'Second Invasion.' Infinite became the first KPOP group to live stream their concert on Youtube.

As springs come, Woollim Ent. had decided to post up a teaser of INFINITE’s come back with an Infinite sign that has been painted—Fans all over the world were expecting something and were ready for it. During that time, Nell’s comeback was also in preparation with the 5th alubm "Slipaway." The album received attention since it has been a few years since Nell had produced an album—“Slipaway” also received an all kill on various charts such as MNET, Olleh, and BUGS.  Woollim also notify fans of an comeback concert from Nell, "The Lines" which sold out in 10 minutes. The company had also prepared an encore concert for INFINITE since their first concert received a lot of love and attention as well. Not only did Woollim’s 7 boy band was successful in Korea, they were also gaining love in Japan with the Japanese version of Be Mine.

The two months of the beginning of summer mainly focused on Woollim’s group INFINITE—in which 'Only Tears' was released. Following the song’s release, Infinite’s 3rd mini album "INFINITIZE" was released—not only that they had an epic showcase: "The Misson," and visited 5 cities in South Korea on a helicopter. The showcase was also live streamed on Youtube for the international fans who could not attend. The promotional song ‘The Chaser’ of the album won seven music show awards.  One of INFINITE’s members yet again gained a role in a TvN drama: Rapper Hoya gained a role in TvN’s "Reply 1997" (aired in July) which had a popular response due to his role and first time acting in a drama.

As summer continues, Woollim continues to be busy in Japan with the Japanese version of 'She's Back.'  INFINITE had a concert in plan for Inspirits during the summer—"That Summer" gathered 2,000 fans only to let them be closer to the boys than before. A new song from INFINITE H, Infinite’s Hip Hop duo: Dongwoo and Hoya, was released during the concert, exciting fans from all over the world.  Another memorable moment, was when Woollim’s CEO Lee Jung Yeop appeared on Infinite’s reality show: Ranking King, showing how playful and fun the CEO is.  Woollim yet had another show in plan for fans, as they teased them with "Asia’s No. 1 Performance Duo" which in fact was Tasty2wins—the newest act from Woollim.  The two members who in fact are brothers, Daeryong and Soryong, received attention for their sharp and in sync dance along with a sleek album "Spectrum."

The autumn of 2012 continues as Woollim revealed a 3D movie of Infinite’s concert, Second Invasion: Evolution. The movie gather more views than Super Junior, Big Bang, and B2ST’s concert movies.  The success continues when Sunggyu and Hoya of INFINITE became special MCs for MBC’s ‘Weekly Idol,’ the episode also featured Tasty2wins.  Infinite’s L was cast in MBC’s newest sitcom “What Is Mom” which aired in October and led to Infinite to sing for the sitcom with the song ‘Fantasy.’  Woollim then decides to tease fans with a video teaser "What Is The Next Big Thing?," leading the fans to ponder what Woollim’s next act will be.  Not only that, Woollim continued to satisfy the fans with Nell’s concert, 'Standing In The Rain' with a 1,000 audience for the intimacy b/t the fans and the band.  Not only did the concert was successful, GDRAGON’s album “One of a Kind” also featured Nell’s Kim Jong Wan with the song 'Today.'

As winter comes, Woollim reveals the solo act of Kim Sunggyu. He pre-released the song 'Shine' and on November 6th, his first album “Another Me” was released. The album had help from Nell’s Kim Jong Wan, acting as a producer and a lyricist.  ”Another Me” topped the Hanteo chart selling over 60,000 copies.  Woollim then announced that Nell would be releasing another single album called "Holding Onto Gravity" which is part of a 3-part album: “Gravity Trilogy.” Both INFINITE and Nell had nominations at the MNET Asian Music Awards and got their respective attention from international fans. INFINITE got the award of the top 10 artist of 2012 at the Melon Music Awards. On Christmas Eve, Nell successfully held a concert "Christmas in Nell’s Room," having their first Christmas concert ever since 2007.  At the end of the year, INFINITE had attended all music festivals and finished with a successful New Year.  As 2013 comes, fans are expecting Infinite H and anything else Woollim Entertainment will have in store for them.

*Please note that these are events that reflect the company in summary. Although there are about 50 other events that happened, they have only revolved only one artist. Apologies if events that are of importance are not in here.

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